Please read carefully the terms and conditions listed below as they include your legal rights and obligations. By using our services, you are agreeing that you have read, understood, and are willing to be bound by this agreement.



  • Visitors who sign up on our website can request a service.
  • They are required to act with good faith and not indulge in practices that may be harmful to others.
  • The website’s use is limited to what is listed in the offered plan.
  • Agreeing with terms and conditions will also mean that you have agreed to receiving emails from us about 200pros activities and offers.


  • Website guests who do not register can view the plans but cannot post a service request.


  • The service professionals who register with us will get notified each time a new request related to their field is posted by a customer. They can choose to respond to the one most suitable for them.
  • The use of our service is limited to what is listed in the offered plan.
  • Professionals should conduct their self with decency and not get involved in activities that will have a negative effect on their rating.
  • Approving terms and conditions will be considered as an agreement from you to receive information regarding 200pros activities and offers through emails.


  • Customers, professionals, and visitors on our website must all abide by the terms and conditions to ensure steady service.

Website Service:

  • We work as a communication channel between customers booking an appointment and service providers.
  • 200 pros will do its best to ensure that you get a response on your request within a reasonable amount of time. But we are not responsible for the instances when the required service provider is not available.

Professional Service:

  • Service is provided by a certified 5 star professional.
  • 200pros is not responsible for the quality of the service a professional provides.


Financial data:

  • We require your credit card details for the sole purpose of charging you for a service after its completion.
  • Your data will NOT be stored online on our site.
  • 200pros cannot be held responsible in case of a data breach.

Website data:

  • It is the legal responsibility of the users to not leak the data available on our website.
  • FAQs are a part of the agreement you make with us while using our service.
  • We ensure the accuracy of the content to the best of our knowledge but we offer no warranty.
  • No one has the right to use our data for any purpose without written agreement.


Parties Data:

  • Collected data from parties will be used only within 200PROS.


  • Accepting the terms and condition in any of the website form will translate to accepting the terms and condition mentioned on this page.


  • 200Pros has the right to change the terms and conditions any time. The most recent version of terms and conditions should be the effective version regardless the date of the creation of an account.


  • To rate any service provider, visitors need to log in.
  • 200pros will not interfere with or discuss any rating or a comment made about a professional home service provider.
  • 200pros encourage clients to inform us about any misconduct of the service provider.


  • 200pros fee: If for any reason client would like to be refunded, since collected fees through the site will not exceed cad 100 and a law suit will be very time consuming, 200pros reserve the right to accept or reject the refunding request without providing reasons.
  • Booking fees: it is up to the professional service provider to decide their fee.


  • You may terminate your User Account at any time by deleting your User Account. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your User Account if we suspect that you have violated one or more of our terms and conditions.